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cw: chrome extension

what's a CW?

You should read this as a primer. 
In short, a CW is a way of tagging a piece of content
It's done in practice by starting a post with " CW:...."
It's a Content Warning, and it helps people make decisions about what content they see.
Content which may cause other users to experience distress should be CW'd.

what this plugin does

CW is a tool for blurring out facebook posts that you don't like.

Here are some common scenarios:

- a user of a group forgets to add a CW/CN/TW.
- a user forgets to hide a potentially triggering photo in comments.

In these scenarios, CW can hide content you don't want to see


1. Download it from the Chrome App Store .
2. You'll see a new icon in the top right corner of your Browser. It will look like this

3. Click the icon to start using the plugin.


enabled - This switch controls whether the plugin is active. 
CW/TW/CN only - If enabled, only posts which have been tagged
with CW/TW/CN will be blocked.

Now, you can enter tags to filter content by. Just type and press enter.
To hide Facebook posts about "Mother's Day", you might try

To pick effective tags, try to use the least specific term possible ("mother" vs. "mother's day").

To delete a tag you don't want anymore, just click it and press delete or backspace.

how it works

The tags you enter are compiled as regular expressions .
Then, a javascript program looks for Facebook posts matching your tags.
If they're found, they are hidden with some fun CSS.
Any time the page loads more data, this process is redone.


CW performs no explicit network calls. 
All data is stored locally, in chrome's local storage facility.
As of 0.4, stored data is unencrypted.

What we store:
- the tags you have inputted
- the state of the plugin (switches, for example).

This means that if someone compromises your computer, they will potentially
be able to find the list of tags on your computer. If you are not OK with this, you should
not use CW. There are plans to support at-rest encryption in the future using a PIN / password.


CW is released under an MIT license .
Copyright 2017 Justin Brower


iOS7 Switches provided by Switchery
Tag system by Taggle.js
Uses jQuery